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We recognize ourselves as a sovereign local church and we desire to provide for Christian fellowship of those of like precious faith, where the Holy Spirit may be honored according to our distinctive testimony; to assume our share of responsibility and the privilege of propagating the gospel of Jesus Christ by all available means, both at home and in foreign lands.

Grace Family Church is a spirit-filled church which believes that the Bible is the inspired Word of God. We believe that the Bible is the all sufficient rule and guide for Christian living.     II Tim 3:16

We believe:

in one God revealed in three persons, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Deut. 6:4, Isaiah 43:10-11, Matt. 28:19, Luke 3:22.

We believe:

that man was initially created good and without sin; mankind fell prey to sin in the Garden of Eden therefore bringing sin upon all mankind. Gen. 1:26, 31; 3:16-19; Isaiah 53:6; Romans 3:23.

God immediately instituted a plan of salvation for mankind and completing that plan of salvation by sending His only begotten Son to redeem mankind from the penalty of sin by dying upon the cross, becoming a curse and nailing sin to the tree. Gen. 3:15; John 3:16; 1 Corinthians 15:3; II Cor. 5:21; Gal. 3:13; 1 Peter 2:24; Gal. 4: 4-5.

As a redeemed child of God we believe:

that God has granted certain privileges and benefits to each believer who has sincerely repented of their sins and have committed themselves to learning and obeying the Word of God.

Church: We believethe Church is the Body of Christ with a divinely called ministry. Its purpose is to evangelize the world, worship God, and encourage believers to grow in the likeness of Christ. Romans 12:4

Benefits and/or gifts 

Baptism of the Holy Spirit. 

We believe all Christians are entitled to and should seek the baptism in the Holy Spirit with the initial physical sign of speaking in other tongues according to Acts 2:4. This experience give a Christian power to witness by his life and words. Acts 1:8; Luke 24:49;  Acts 2: 1-4; Joel 2:28

Divine healing.

We believe deliverance from sickness is provided for in the atonement and is the privilege of all believers. Isaiah 53:5;

James 5:14-15; Mark 16:18

Gifts of the Spirit.

I Cor. 12:14

Power over Satan, the devil.   

Mark 16:17; James 4:7; Luke 10:19

Sanctification/Holy Living:

We believe sanctification is an act of separation from that which is evil and of dedication unto God

The privilege to possess the Spirit of Power, Love and a Sound Mind.                II Tim 1:7

The promise of eternal life as a result of Christ's Resurrection from the dead.       1 Cor. 15:20-23, 15:3-8.

The blessed hope which is the second coming of Jesus Christ to take His church away to be with Him.

I Thess. 4:16-17; Romans 8:23

Ordinances observed by His church:

The Lord's Supper (Communion):

We believe the Lord's Supper is memorial of Christ's suffering and death and a prophecy of His second coming. It is commanded of all believers "till he comes."  Luke 22:19-20; I Cor. 11:23-26.

Water Baptism (by Immersion):

We believe the ordinance of baptism by immersion in water is commanded of all who repent and believe on Christ as Savior. It represents having died with Christ and being raise with Him to walk in newness of life.  

Matt. 28:19; Romans 6:3-5; Col. 2:12

Contact & Location:

1109 East Hwy 67

P O BOX 1129

Alvarado, TX 76009

Church:  (817) 402-5014

 CELL # (817) 800-1037



SUNDAY WORSHIP:             10:30 AM



YOUTH MINISTRY:                 6:30 PM

ADULT BIBLE STUDY:            6:30 PM


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